What is Zap Fitness?

Zap fitness is user friendly web-based system which allows customers to book a personal trainer directly to their chosen location within one hour. At Zap Fitness we only recruit level 3 and above qualified personal trainers, with the aim to ensure the highest quality of personal trainers for our customers.

My name’s Kam Chana, and I’m one of four directors of Zap Fitness. We felt there was a gap in the market for both personal trainers and for those customers who want to participate in exercise. I felt that customers were paying extremely high costs for their personal training sessions. Zap Fitness was created to allow for customers to book a personal training session at their desired location and be able to by-pass the costs of having to pay for a gym membership too.

The fitness market is worth over 5 billion pounds and currently there are over 7 thousand gyms within the U.K, with only 10 million of the U.K population who are members of a gym. Which equates to 1 in 7 people in the UK that are a gym member.

As a population we are increasingly being educated about the importance of exercise and our diet’s, as well the the increase of obesity and diabetes which are known to be the biggest killers to us. Zap fitness aims are to help tackle these issues and help those with limited knowledge or no access to fitness or gyms. We are here to help educate, advise and promote all aspects of fitness to the UK people.

Zap fitness has been designed to allow for ease of booking a personal trainer and allows the customer to book an exercise session around their work, family and social lifestyles. Zap fitness brings the fitness to the customer without the customer having to travel to a busy gym or class. We aim to promote fitness and help those who are non-gym goers or do not have the self confidence to attend a gym or class. It allows for one to one booking and also allows for individuals to book group sessions if they prefer to exercise with a friend or family member. We believe exercise should be stress free and available to everyone, especially those who do not attend the gym or have the self-belief within.

Zap Fitness recruits’ specialists’ personal trainers who are advanced level 4 qualified which specialise in lower back pain and pre/post-natal exercise. As a population 70% of UK people suffer from back pain and require rehabilitation to strengthen and elevate their back problems and their pains. We will educate and advise those customers with back pain of the correct exercises to perform and will try and achieve those tailor-made gaols. Our aim is to be customer goal driven and to have a holistic approach for the well-being of our customers. 

Our Personal Trainers

Our vision at Zap Fitness is to provide personal trainers with more income and work. The beauty with Zap Fitness is personal trainers are not tied into a contract and have the flexibility to work when and where they choose. We at Zap Fitness understand the difficulties and pressures personal trainers have when working for a gym to generate their own income from the number of clients they train. From our current research we understand most gyms incentivise their personal trainers to earn more on a commission-based work environment. We want to provide work for our personal trainers and enable them to build up their client list, with the aim to provide a high quality and professional service.

Zap fitness is now the new the way to have access to fitness and exercise for all people. It gives flexibility to both customer and personal trainers. It is a win – win situation for both.

Zap fitness brings fitness to you. When and where you want.